Warning Lights

Warning Lights

Warning lamps, roof top lamps concept is largely appreciated by O.E.M. where a single prominent indication either with flashing or w/o flashing is required. ALTOS has developed warning lamps or roof top flasher lamps. The Solid State Flashing circuit is in built to make a compact design; roof top lamps with flashers are also available with buzzer.

Locomotive Warning / Flasher Light:

  • Specially designed for IR as per RDSO & CLW specs.
  • High Power LED cluster circuit, which is visible from 1K to 2K distances.
  • Fail proof function.
  • Flasher Unit as per IEC-571 standard with M2L grade component.
  • Voltage variation protection circuit.
  • Wide operating temp. range.
  • Totally immune to vibration.
  • Retrofit arrangement.


  • Aviation Obstructions Lights

“Nothing can damage me,” says altos Aviation Obstruction lamp. This innovative product has far more advantages compared to NEON SPIRAL /Conventional Filament or C.F.L. These are designed as per ICAO rules and regulations and are available in Red / White colours. Accordingly Low, Medium &High Intensity with Flasher are engineered to cater the Lighting up of Obstructions like tall structures, chimneys, towers high rise buildings e.t.c. in Aviation. ALTOS design of series -parallel combination of LED makes it work till last LED’s life. Weather proof housing confirms for IP55 Protection. Life expectancy is 22 years (12 hrs a night mode operation). ALTOS gives 5 years guarantee for the lamps.


ALTOS MULTI TIER LAMPS is again a revolution in the world of indication. The frequent fusing off the lamps in the conventional multi tier lamps make the important/genuine indication waste. ALTOS has solved the problem by introducing the multi tier lamps in LED version. The unique feature of ADD ON makes it more convenient to the customer even if any indication is added in future. State-of Art of ALTOS R&D has make it possible to give the light output in all directions.

  • Rooftop Lamps
  • BUS BAR Indicating Lamps

ALTOS Bus Bar lamps is a unique product designed to cater requirement of Bus Bar Live immune to crane vibrations & easy to mount. These are available in Red, Amber, Green colours & Blue Colours. Specially designed shape & structure of LED makes visibility from wide angle. ALTOS has also designed a complete integrated set of Bus Bar Lamps with two types: 1. Fixed 2. Pin type. These lamps are mounted on a powder coated M.S.Frane with finger touch proof & terminal strip.

  • Glimp lamps / IR LIGHTS
  • Revolving Effects Lamps
  • Beacon Light