2.Emergency Light-EL-E2-Single Bulb

3.Emergency Light-EL-E2-Two Bulb


1.Source of light: Cluster of LED’s
2.Available In:Single bulb/Two bulb
3.Mode of operation:Mains/Emergency Mode
  Emergency mode : In this mode, during failure of mains power to the lamp unit, the light  will glow automatically and will go off when Mains power resumes.  Once the power resumes, in this mode, charging of batteries will continue. Lights can be turned OFF  manually if  required
 Main’s mode : In this mode light will glow when mains present and switch Position at main’s mode. Charging of battery will continue When main’s present.
4.Color:  White
5.Back up Range : 1hr/2hr/3hr/4hr/5hr….
6.Battery used : Maintance free
7..Voltage Range :240VAC