Traffic Signal / Blinker

Traffic Blinkers:

ALTOS is trying to save the precious energy by implementing the technology in signaling aspect too !!! Amber colour blinkers with normally 200/300mm dia with FRP/Metal  housing is gaining good popularity in the local authorities / corporations. The design is very robust can withstand wide voltage fluctuations and to cater dusty environment in the roads these lamps are tested for IP55. These Blinkers consume only 20watts so drastically the power is saved where there is a large no. of application.

Traffic Lights:

Traffic awareness many a times can be hazardous if the lamp is not glowing. ALTOS has a solution to bring the 100% indication of the signal by implementing the LED trend in the signal aspects. It consists of LED with series – parallel combination for zero failure. ALTOS has also developed the different symbols like pedestrian crossings, stop e.t.c. Colour and Intensity resemblances to the conventional lamps. An ALTOS Retrofit arrangement has made authorities out of worry where rework of replacing the existing lamps is difficult.











Technical Specification      Technical Specification    Technical Specification



Traffic Signal:

  • Traffic Signal (TS-2/3-XX-X-X)
  • Traffic Blinker (TB-2/3-XX-X-X)
  • 200 MM / 300 MM Polycarbonate body/ Metal body
  • Operating voltage-230/415 VAC
  • Color -R/Y/G/Amber

Solar Power  (TS/TB-2/3-SP-X-X):

  • Traffic Signal / Traffic Blinker
  • 200 MM / 300 MM Polycarbonate body Metal body
  • Operating voltage- 12 VDC
  • Color-R/Y/G/Amber