Glimp lamps / IR LIGHTS




  • Source of light: Cluster of ultra bright LED’s
  • Mode of operation: Steady/Flashing
  • Color:  Red/White as per the position of selector switch
  • Battery:12V, 4.5 Ah Rechargeable, sealed, maintenance free
  • Visibility:4 straight direction at night time .
  • Operating Voltage :I/P – 230V (± 15%)AC  O/P-12 V, 500 Ma
  • Operation:The lamp is free standing type and can be grouted or bolted for permanent installations, depending upon the application.  It has ON/OFF switch and Battery charging indicator.  ON/OFF Switch is turned ‘ON’, the lamp glows in bright White/Green colour.  If the battery is fully charged, the lamp is expected to glow for 15 hrs. Continuously. 

Auto cut off ckt. in the lamp, automatically disconnects the battery to avoid deep drawing and affecting the life of the battery.

Once the Bat. Low appears the unit should be charged immediately by using charger unit provided with the lamp.

*The charger requires 230V (± 15%), 50 Hz supply. It has in built, over voltage, over current and short ckt. Protection.


Technical Specification